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Cosplay project! Sakizou's Sapphire

For Simakai!

2013-04-25 21.50.06

It has started! Lots of fabric for Sakizou's Sapphire design! I have the basic stuffs for the dress, some gems (Still need to craft more of them), the shoes that will be modified, and some patterns. Still need to find a wig (or wigs XD) lots of laces, the stupid white and gold tights, and the ruffs and cape :O Planned for Otakuthon 2013!


My feedbacks as a buyer from livejournal. =3



Psyche"s shoes Look at this! T-T I am literally crying with happy tears! XD What a freaking pain in the ass to find..and not necessarily to make though.

I already scrapped a first pair of shoes (a pair that I really prefere to those one since they look like converse. (Liek this: http://www.cloggs.eu/content/ebiz/cloggseu/invt/495/converse-all-star-blanc_m.jpg). However, I learned the hard way tha tnormal paint don't work for soles. Seriously, it NEVER dries. It was always sticky and leaving paint everywhere. I tried to remove the paint with paint remover, but it was next to impossible, and some pink paint already dirtied the white part of the shoes. In other words, they were completely destroyed and useless now u-u

So I had to find new shoes (was not able to find the same model as last time sadly). But I had to find a way to still paint the sole the right color. After a while, we discover this thing:


Coming with many different colors, they are so easy to use! And they dry super fast! With one marker, I was able to do both shoes with no problem. And being a marker, you can easily control the way to apply it! XD I seriously was not unhappy with this purchase, and seriously think about correcting my boots for Heather Mason with leather brown marker XD

So finally ends the saga of Psyche's shoes XD Seriously...At least, those shoes would be useful for both Psyche and Delic XD I still have to fully try them, like, will the paint fall of the soles if I walk too much? Will water make the paint come off too? I will have to try it out XD

La la la!

Hum, I was about to post a picture of my new Izaya figurine I received 2 weeks ago, but strangely enough, the menu where I could click to post a picture and change texte style, etc. seems to have disappeared ô-o oh well, that would be for another time I guess XD

Anyway, I am now waiting for another figurine to come. The absolutely awesome realistic figurine of Izaya! http://le-meilleur.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Orihara-Izaya-altair.jpg (since I can't post picture for now XD)

I can't wait! It looks so sublime! <'''D I received the confirmation that the package was sent yesterday! <3 Also, after some research, there is also a figurine of Celty, from the same company, that look absolutely awesome coming up for June! I guess it will be the next one I will pre-order X3 It is one of the rare figurine of her than looks so stunning! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lv4g56q57L1qio56n.jpg

But not only they make an Izaya and a Celty figurine...guess what? They will also make one of Shizuo! No released date yet..but I Suppose it will be at the end of the year. Anyway, from the preview shot of this figurine...oh my GOD! THIIIIS: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz9d9vpgut1r1jggc.jpg AAAAND THIIIIS : http://myanimeshelf.com/upload/dynamic/2012-02/14/081.jpg !!! Look at the amount of details! (And I started laughing 'cause...damn, that is one hell of a pack you have in your pants! XD You certainly are the manliest man ever Shizuo XD) This will be a must! Get my and on that one when it will be pre-registreable!

*Cough cough* Enough figurine talk! XD For now, nothing much to say. Except there is a student strike going on, meaning I have not been going to school for a week now. (Well, I don't mind it that much, it gave me time to relax, advance some school project lol XD) Will probably start working on some cosplay again, thought the small ones like Psyche, Izaya and Roppi (they only really need the vest to be done so, nothing too complex or long). Anyway, this strike is unlimited, so I don't know when it will end, and mostly: what will happen after it? Will I have the missed weeks of school packed with the remaining ones? Will the semester be extended? (It can only be extend to a certain limits: June 15th to be precise) Or just plainly be cancelled? Last option will be kind of annoying since I will have to wait till NEXT winter semester to have class again...First option will be a major pain in the ass 'cause..come on, I can barely do it will all 15 weeks of school, so focusing let's say 5 missed week with the remaining one would be hell. And the second option could be problematic for Anime North...so yup, the future is pretty uncertain but what can I do? XD Trying to chill it out for now and taking advantage of the time to do some things.

Also took the opportunity to clear out something I was stuck with since a good...hum..almost 7 months now. This heartbreak. Well, I can say I can finally turn the page of this...pathetic and sad part of my life. Because, I think I had trouble coming over it, since some doubts lingered ever since. Like: Did she loved me a little, or not at all at that time? Because, as I said before I think, those moment, when I was in love, I was truly happy, because at that time, I felt loved by someone else, or at least I thought I was loved by someone else. Which is where the doubt came from: was I only imagining myself or was there really a little bit of true love there? So I decided that enough was enough, was kind of tired to torture myself that way, and decided to ask said person about a particular event, where, by the way she was acting, made me hope that maybe she love me too, at least a little. I got the answer pretty quickly, only saying that well, on that particular event, she was only joking, that she was not serious at all and that she's like that with everyone(which I can confirm).....So yeah, that sure hurts, knowing that, the times I was really happy was bullshit all along. But now, I can turn the page, I will not care for her anymore, never again in that way, I swear. My doubts are all clear now. I'm not saying I will never see her again, I do like to discuss sometimes, but no I can have some..emotional distance.

So now, my heart is free again to any charming lady for the taking ;D (As if there is many reading it, oh well XD I tried ;D)

Anyway, that is one hell long of a journal again xD I will try to figure out where I can post picture in my journal. Until next time!

DURARARA MUSEUM! (Aka: My room!)

So I finally decided to kick that lazy ass of mine, and finally update my super Durarara Museum XD I love to collection thing, and I really love Durarara X3 So let's starts the visit, shall we? (Also, sorry for the sometimes crappy pictures, my camera was acting all retarded XC)

I have so many things covering my walls. XD Wall scrolls, posters, prints. (They are not all from Durarara though xD I wall scroll is from Gravitation. I have one Touhou poster *le gasp!* and the rest are posters of dragons..because I love dragons XD)

Wall Scroll!

Durarara wallscroll
Bought at Anime North 2011
1. Psyche print 2. 3 Durarara Prints
1. Psyche and Delic Print from Anime North 2011.
2. Two Shizuo & Izaya prints, one Izaya prints, all from Anime North 2011

1. Durarara Gang 1 2. Durarara Gang 2 3.Three Posters
1, 2 and 3: All bought in Chinatown. Also, they are base on official poster, but they are not XD
(Will show some official poster I have)
That's it for the walls..not the actual stuffs!

1. Shizaya pyjama shirt 1 2. Shizaya Pyjama shirt 2
1. Bought at Anime North 2011, also, meet my cat, Simba XD
2. Bought at Otakuthon 2011. Also, both shirts make awesome pyjama xD

1. Durarara Bag 1 2. Durarara bag 2 3. Shizaya bag
1, 2 and 3: All bought from Chinatown, in 2011
1 and 2: Serving as cosplay storage for now XD
3. Is my super awesome Shizaya bag, often my main bag when going out or going to convention
(Especially now that has been repaired!)

Prints not on walls!
1. Prints album 2. gift print
1. Album containing prints bought from convention, prints that actually fits in there XD
2. Print given to me by a friend, have to protect it before putting it on my wall XD

Official Posters!
1. Official posters 1 2. official poster 2
1. Those are the official posters I bought from someone on LJ. I have some of them that I bought from Chinatown, and the difference are quite noticeable. Like, the official one often have white background, and the unofficial have unrelated background. (I have seen the poster of them in tuxedo with a city background, a countryside background, but hey, 2 is enough xD). Or another noticeable thing is the poster where Shizuo is holding his pack of cigarettes, the name durarara is not at the same place, and they chopped some parts at the top (where the official durarara name was XD)
2. The other side of two of the four posters I bought. The other two had un-Durarara-related stuff on them xD

They were bought from someone on LJ in 2011.

1. Two cushions 2. Dakimakura
1. Left: Mini Izaya cushion, bought from someone on LJ in 2010, Right: Bigger "Shizaya" cushion XD Bought at Otakuthon 2011
2. Shizaya Dakimakura, so freaking comfy! Also, it was signed by Crispin Freeman (Shizuo's English voice actor) at Otakuthon 2011

Shizuo & Izaya plushies
Plushies of Shizuo and Izaya <3 I love them to bits! Also, photobomb of mini-izaya cushion and my plushy of Zorua XD

Officials Stuff
You know they are at least official when they have the logo of Aniplex XD (And all the copyright of Ryohgo Narita)

1. dvd1 2. dvd 2 and 3
1. Received it as a birthday gift from my friends <3
2. Bought them as soon as I could X3 And they came with awesome post cards ^^

durarara manga1
Let me tell you, when I heard they were translating the mangas in English, I was sooo stalking the release date! X3 I am also stalking for the next ones! And maybe, who knows, I will try to sniff around if they will ever translate the novel in English! ('Cause...hell! The manga is even more obscure than the novel XD)

Durarara game 2
"Durarara!! 3 way standoff - alley-" on psp, in Japanese, bought from someone on LJ. I am trying to improve my Japanese so I could play this game! XD However, from what I understood, this one is actually some kind of sequel to "Durarara!! 3 way standoff" (notice the "alley" added at the end). Information on the game are also hard to find sadly. But if it is, I will try go order the first one then X3
Stand figure.....things?
stand figures
A friend of mine bought it when she was in Japan. It's awesome, waking up seeing those two on my alarm clock XD Also, notice the unofficial pack of cards XD

Rests of official stuff!
1. booklet 2. official cards 3.shizaya pins
1. Durarara Notebook, with deck of card, and, Shizuo and Izaya pin set.
2. Close-up of deck of cards
3. Close-up of pin set
1.Chibi!Shizuo figurine 2.Izaya Figurine
1.I love it! *3* Bought from someone on LJ (Same person as the durarara psp game XD) Isn't he adorable! <3
2.Chibi! Izaya  <3 (Also bought from another person on LJ, seriously, you never know the marvellous thing people are selling at a reasonable price! <3)
 Also, I pre-order the super amazing realistic Izaya figurine! It has been shipped! Also, I willl probably order Celty and Shizuo from the same compagny as this izaya, because the figurine are THAT gorgeous!

The rest of my collection! ('cause I am getting lazy and tired XD)

1. mug 1 2. mug 2
1 and 2: Bought in Chinatown.

1. chibi shizaya 2. chibi Shizuo and Izaya
1. Chibi Shizuo and Izaya, bought at Otakuthon 2011 (I think XD)
2. Left: Bought by a friend who went to a convention in NYC,
Right: Izaya cellphone charm (ironic is it XD), was on my phone until I almost lost it, now it hang next to my computer XD

1. pins 2.key and cellphone
1. Loads of pins bought in conventions xD Also, strand of hair from my Shizuo wig, in the background xD
2. Left: Shizuo plushy cell phone charm. A little bit to big to my liking for a cellphone charm XD oh well XD
Right: Key chain, with Izaya on a side, and Shizuo on the other. They are super cute! The artist did an absolute great job! <3 It still is my everyday key chain XD

And....THE END!

Holy snaps! That was super long! Two hours to post this things. XD I was actually surprised that even some people told me they were curious about my Durarara room, since I mentioned in on facebook a little and on DA too. Oh well, here it is! My huge collection visible in my room up to date.

Because, this doesn't count the insane amount of doujinshi I have in my room xD Or the even more insane number on my computer XD (171 doujinshi last time I count them xD). What can I say, I love this to bits. X3


A small prop I was working on:

Zelda Pink Fairy

A little pink fairy, from the Zelda series <D And here where it is now:

I have to admit that I feel a little bit bad about putting it inside the bottle XD (and it was a freaking pain to XD damn bottle!) Iam still wondering if I should make a Navi inside a bottle D8 (also, I was shamelessly testing Livejournal updating of picture...not bad, but not that good either XD)

Of friends and....Chocobos?

Because last week was crazy meet-up with everyone I know, I have to talk about it! >D

So, after a long week-end of working...TUESDAY! Meeting up with Aly, Jess and Priss, to finally finish watching Utena! (Last box set..in HD <3 This is bliss after you have seen it only on streaming website XD) If you have never watched Utena, I strongly recommend it to you, the style is really nice, full of randomness and yet full of metaphor. Omg, all the shit we could have said while watching this anime xD Or I recommend you to do like me: Watch the movie (The adolescence of Utena) first, if you like the crazy fuck-up setting and all, then watch the anime. It is basically the same, but less hyper-metaphorical, and more bouts of randomness XD Anyway, it was plenty of fun <3 And it was kind of funny seeing Aly and Priss nodding to sleep(when they are the one who have not watch the anime yet XD) while me and Jess (who have already seen it) were absolutely awake! XD Aaaw, anyway, I shall make them watch Durarara! (Now that I have my dvd <3)

WEDNESDAY! Went at Marie's place in the evening for a evening of FF10. Been a while we started the game together, and I was only playing it when we play it together LOL XD But we are coming to an end! The end is near!...but we need a looot of leveiling up, aeons and legendary weapon for that XD But we decided to try fighting Sin...Went relatively went, beat up his first arm, then the other...then beat the crap out of his head so we could go in...the Seymour appeared....and totally beat the crap out of us in 3 turns XD OTL oh well, I decided to do some levelling and going after some legendary item...like the EFFING Sun sigil for Tidus weapon...yeah...where I need to do a chocobo race....with absolutely retard Chocobo...

Holy snap, I never was that mad, in my entire freaking life X'D But they were fucking retarded! Seriously,  through out the game, you can ride chocobo, and they are real charm to controls...but doing this particular race, omg it fucked up so bad! Like, it doesn'T want to floolow straight line...NOOOOO, it want to actually go right and left whenever it please...If it was only that okay...BUT THERE IS FREAKING BIRD COMING AT YOU! And they are jsut pure evil, they are quite far away from you, you think: Ha ha! They won't touch me..WRONG! They will do a effing 90 degree turn if need be. They also slow you down (which is bad) and add 3 more seconds to your final time, which is EXTREMELY bad if you want the absolute time of 0.0.0. You can catch balloon too to deduct 3 sec of your final time, which is the key to get this fucking sigil. Only problem, my chocobo is way to retard to actually hit the balloon...but will hit the freaking bird instead. Good job chocobo..good job. So you have really bad control liek it is not permitted to, a retarded bird avoiding balloon and blood-thirsty bird coming at you. Do I have to mention I still have not gotten the sigil yet? XD And that my best time is 0.12.2 sec? XD Seriously, my theory is the girl-trainer want to protected the retarded chocobo in the wild that would have die at the hand of monsters and take care of them...And one day, she thought: Let's race with those chocobo, even if the whole universe is against them 8D  Anyway XD I will try..eventually..to get it XD

SATURDAY! I want at Judith and Michael's place, for a afternoon of anime watching (This time: chronicles of the war of lodoss) and playing with Nightcrawler, the almighty kitten XD Also, it was pretty fun seeing Judith being addicted to my ds game "My japanese coach" XD Also, for the evening, Judith and I went to the restaurant (Sumo ramen for the win!) and we talk about lots of things, from ghost stories (pretty sure we scared the shit out of people at the tables next to us X'''D) to school and work experience. Think we were there for a good 3-4 hours LOL XD But I really loved it <3 So nice talking various things with great people <3 (And sharing my passion for paranormal, even if I am a total wimp about it XD) It gives you energy for the upcoming semester!

SUNDAY! I was suppose to make some commissions, like going to this uniform shop for a cook attire..but it was closed on Sunday >_> So next things on my to-do list: Go help Aly install some programs she needed. I was suppose to be there only for 2 hours at least...ended up being there for 6h X'D we had some problems during the first installation, so we had to uninstall, install again (with us playing some games while the installation was finished, and even after lol XD) In the end, I decided to wait for Aly's roommate, Jess, to come back form work to say "Hi", and ended-up stay for another hour and a half, talking with the two of them <3

baaaaw, that's all!

Use this livejournal I must!

Hum, I never thought to actually use this livejournal account as a blog! XD (I mostly used it for being able to access some pages like downloading doujinshi, translation of the Durarara books, or buying stuff from people selling anime-related stuff ^^')

Instead of spamming my DeviantArt journal, I shall post most of my stuff here, life-related, maybe some school project that I don't feel like posting on DA (Not worthy enough? XD And the fact it is now mostly cosplay-related , I will not post my junk there! XD)

Okay, first thing first, I must try to understand this layout XD And also...check if there is a way to change de design or theme for my journal @-@.

After that, I will post some new journals XD (I will also try to keep this one active during my semester (But I can't make promise...they are pretty hardcore sometimes in term of work load, and I don't know how the workload will be for this coming semester *shiver in fear*) compare to my DA juornal tha toften get updated every....2 months lol OTL XD

New to Live Journal XD

Never tought I would have an account on live journal xD anyway xD